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As technology executives well know, running software, hardware and technology service businesses requires long-term vision and adaptability. DNT Plus’s cross-sector expertise and global insights help technology companies compete and thrive in an industry where innovation is both an opportunity and a threat.

We have worked with clients in computer software and hardware, semiconductor, IT services, storage, components and peripherals sectors.Our technology clients need to quickly staff domestic and global projects with the right mix of temporary and permanent talent. They need to take on full project tasks, with defined service level agreements, to meet tight project timelines and cost constraints. We get it. And to help them turn their challenges into opportunities, we provide IT professionals that cover the complete range of skill sets - from basic PC support to cutting-edge systems.

The services we provide to our technology clients include:

Custom application development
Database support/administration
Legacy and mainframe maintenance
Production support
Programming project management
Quality assurance and testing
Supply chain enhancement projects
Systems administration
Systems implementation
Systems maintenance
Technical writing/documentation

In addition, at the local level, our approach can be customized to meet out technology clients' exact needs. That means response time is virtually immediate - and that's good news in today's constantly changing technology world.

DNT Plus works with companies in all stages of industry and life cycles. We help:

Market leaders think through how acquisitions, adjacency moves, refined customer segmentation, improved sales force effectiveness, streamlined R&D processes, strategic sourcing and cost reduction efforts can help them maintain, or even increase, their advantage.

Companies that have hit a speed bump find defensible niches, overhaul their cost structure, think through and execute potential changes in capital structure.

Emerging players continue their trajectory by helping them to scale their organizations and processes to the increased complexity of their market participation.

Private equity portfolio companies align strategic imperatives with their new owners, develop and implement plans to improve operational performance.

DNT Plus works with leading technology companies to build strategic plans that address the industry’s challenges, such as how technical and business model innovations shape the growth of a company’s core business; the ways in which cloud computing will impact the business; and whether a company should consider entry into the services profit pools of the industry—and if so, how.

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