Strengths of Open Source Development

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Strengths of Open Source Development

Cost Savings

Embracing open source-based solutions often results in significant cost savings due to the very nature of Open Source. Going open source allows you to instantly save on per user licensing fees and with DNT Plus' methodology, you can cut your software project costs dramatically, and pass these savings to your customers.

Small & Mid-size Businesses

Apart from minimizing the software development expenditure, you can additionally save on hardware costs, since the GNU/Linux OS efficiently utilizes hardware and you can thus put your existing or old hardware to good use. In the long run you experience fewer hardware upgrades, which results in tangible cost savings.

OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers)

Are you an OEM manufacturer? Save on developing proprietary software for your hardware by utilizing the available open-source solutions, instead of building it all up from scratch.

Better Security and Scalability

The GNU/Linux-based software is traditionally considered robust and secure, while providing excellent scalability. The GNU/Linux OS and the widely recognized Apache web server are examples. We at DNT Plus can enhance these traditional strengths by making your applications user-friendly and easily manageable by non-technical persons and utilize the flexibility of Open Source to match the needs of your growing business.

Prime Expertise

Reach out for a pool of open-source experts at DNT Plus. With the refined Methodology and Expertise acquired over time, DNT Plus can understand and meet the unique industry challenges of your business to take it to a new level of efficiency.

Support Guarantees

Software project support remains one of the chief issues for the companies considering open-source as a viable alternative when faced with their business challenges. All the projects we handle, including open-source, are secured by the contractual guarantees we provide, which entitles you for a complete support service within the 1-year error-free code warranty. This means, DNT Plus will tackle all the bug-fixes free of charge, while further enhancements and customer training are available on request.

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