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There are virtually no transactions in today’s economy that do not involve electronic payment processing. Whether your payment transaction is a commercial, private sector transaction, or a federal, state, county or city public sector transaction, DNT Plus can help. DNT Plus has been a leader providing support for those transactions through our service to many of the largest global processors in the world, as well as mid-size processors for over fifteen years. DNT Plus understands areas and functions such as:

Payment Authorizations
Fraud Detection
Daily Payment Transaction Processing
Accounts Receivable/Statement Processing
Customer Service Systems
Collections Systems
Accounts Reporting Systems
Government/Regulatory Compliance
Payee CARE Systems
3rd Party Payment Process Interface
Credit Card Processing
Card Authorizations
Daily Card Transaction Processing
Accounts Receivable/Statement Processing
Visa/MasterCard Regulations
Card Portfolio Conversions
Card System Interface Management
Accounts Reporting Systems
Government Card Systems
Merchant CARE Systems
Card Co-branding/Rewards
Credit Line Management
PCI Compliancy

Our ability to assist you with our Collaborative Approach in the development of best of class systems to further improve your bottom line and serve your community is unparalleled in the IT industry. But don’t take our word for it. View a few Case Studies to further understand why DNT Plus should be your development partner. And, if you are evaluating how Mobile Applications delivery will impact your business needs, see how DNT Plus’s Mobile Applications expertise, combined with our Payment Systems Industry knowledge, is being used as a strategic tool and competitive advantage to our clients.

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