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Comprehensive Network Security Solutions

Protecting your IT network and data security is a must in business today.

As a leading provider of IT security services, DNT Plus offers customized security audit services and network and data security solutions to clients throughout the world. Our Comprehensive Security Services help your organization establish and maintain a protected network through effective threat modeling and in-depth gap analysis.

Our experienced team will perform a rigorous, comprehensive audit of security within your organization, providing specific, actionable insight to mitigate risk.  The audit process identifies critical information and security issues, and helps develop a plan for layered protection against both internal and external threats. 

Custom Tailored to your Organization

From viruses and Trojan horses to spam, spyware or corporate espionage, threats are everywhere today.  And with companies accountable for security of consumer and corporate data through government regulations and contractual obligation, don’t “hope for the best” in protecting your data.  Schedule an DNT Plus Network Security Audit today, custom tailored to your organizational requirements, and including:

  • Penetration Testing
  • External Vulnerability Assessment
  • Internal Vulnerability Assessment
  • Network Review
  • Wireless Assessment

Intrusion, hacking and electronic theft attempts against businesses of all types and sizes are increasing exponentially, and our network security services cost-effectively protect and maintain the security of your network, assets and data against external attack, providing you peace of mind.

We offer a wide range of security services to organizations of all sizes that protect your entire network, safeguarding the perimeter, critical internal assets, data, remote users, customers and partners. Our services help you comply with international requirements.

Our approach goes beyond simply providing product recommendations; we see IT security as a comprehensive and essential part of your infrastructure.

Our expertise covers solutions for managing firewalls, scanning email and web traffic, content control, end point (desktop) security, event monitoring, mobile data security, permission management and more.

In that line, we offer the following network security services:

Security audits
Remote access control
End point (desktop) security
Managed firewalls
Email scanning products and applicances
Event monitoring
Mobile data security
Web filtering
Managed authentication services
Permission management

We mitigate risks before they reach your network, and reduce security costs and complexity.

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