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Media and its technologies have undergone a vast range of changes from the simplest of a broadcast quality clip to the most advanced wave form that is recorded and monitored. Our experience in this industry is unchallenged in the region and we will help you face up to your competition and match up to the technology.

From from strategy to operations and technology, we work with clients from interactive and digital media providers, communication houses and technology partners to transform businesses.

We have also teamed up and partners with pioneers in media monitoring to offer deployment and custom solution design and development. We develop and successfully deploy intelligent platforms that monitor data across all forms of media. Our solutions monitor and make intelligence of advertising and editorial content across, Print, Radio, Television and Online Media. Together with our partners, we offers this data in a user-friendly interface that the end user can interact and amend on the fly! The data from news and advertising is delivered as it happens giving creative, spend and editorial content immediately.

We develop and offer customized in house monitoring systems for companies, public institutions, organizations and governments. These include (among others):

Print Monitoring

We have worked with the best in the world and extend the value of our experience to your requirement, be it clipping, summarization or analytics.

Our experience of delivering about 32 million clips for more than a dozen media monitoring agencies worldwide has enabled us to perfect our clipping process.

Broadcast Media Monitoring

Our customised solutions will help you move beyond print monitoring to cover a wide range of media: television broadcasts, radio content, podcasts and more.

We help media monitoring companies deliver faster and better services to their customers. We do it by developing solutions that clip, enrich and de-clutter content without compromising on relevance, quality and speed of delivery.

Social Media Monitoring

Given the speed of conversations in social media, it qualifies as the most exciting source of information for your customers, be it organizations, individuals or governments.

Managing brand reputation is a real-time engagement. We help you develop solutions to track, measure and listen to your customers.

Contact Us for more information on how we can help and to discuss any Media Technology solution that you would like to implement.