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Manufacturing and distribution operations have changed dramatically and more technology-driven changes are on the way. E-manufacturing solutions allow you to track inventory, safety records, plant efficiency, and supplier information like never before.

Improving Productivity Through Information Technology

DNT Plus has experience delivering these state-of-the-art solutions to both the corporate office and onto the plant and warehouse floor.

Industry Specific Expertise:

Technology Assessments

Design, implementation and support of information technology solutions for the unique needs of manufacturing and distribution centers
Independent analysis of current environment
Security assessment and remediation
Development of strategic IT plan

Security Assessments & Remediation

Economical and comprehensive security assessments and problem correction
Enterprise user access policies
IP video security for property management

Email Security & Anti-spam Services

Ideal solution for email virus protection and spam filtering
Cisco IP Telephony Solutions
Integrated voice and data solutions that enhance business productivity

Network Integration & Support

Information technology consulting services
Network design, hardware, and implementation
Network analysis and performance tuning
Remote network monitoring and management
Secure remote access to important data
Preventive maintenance services
Microsoft, Novell, Cisco, and Linux specialists
Cisco Certified wireless specialists on staff experienced in plant and warehouse deployment environments

Hardware Procurement & Deployment

Consulting on PC, server, printer, and thin client solutions
Demo equipment for evaluation purposes
Competitive pricing & lease plans

Hardware Maintenance

Manufacturer-certified engineers
On-site maintenance for equipment
7x24 statewide support
Support for IBM Midrange Platforms, such as IBM AS/400, PC/LAN networks, and a variety of associated peripherals
Preventive maintenance for printers to maximize reliability in often dirty environments
Support for bar code printers (i.e. Zebra) commonly used in manufacturing and distribution

Remote Monitoring & Management

Maximizes uptime with proactive response to outages
Detects security intrusions
Lowers overall network support costs

Storage & Business Continuity Solutions

NAS or SAN configured database support
Robotic tape library subsystems
Enterprise management of all storage devices

Being fast, flexible and focused are the three keys to success in the manufacturing industry. Today's manufacturers compete on a global scale and must have the ability to respond quickly to any shifts in their markets. Producing too much of a product wastes resources, saturates the market and drops demand. Producing too little results in lost sales and potentially disenfranchises customers.

DNT Plus specializes in customized solutions to avoid these common pitfalls manufacturers face. DNT Plus' manufacturing clients depend on our speed and scalable resources. We continue to restructure our account management procedures as needed; this flexible approach enables us to help clients to reach their goals faster by delivering consultants with unmatched speed and effectiveness.

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