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For each day that passes, the world experiences an unprecedented explosion of information technology in the healthcare field. Both providers and the companies that support those providers have seen large historic demands as information technology has become front and center in the efficiency and quality care debate. We at DNT Plus have been in the trenches with our healthcare clients for over eight years; and we have helped them to win the battles along the way. We have the understanding needed in areas such as:

Clinical Decision Support.
Disease Management
Electronic Medical Records (EMR)
Integration & Standards
Medical Billing Software
Medical Coding Software.
Medical Device Software
Medical Scheduling Software.
Medication Management

Because of that unique understanding and our strength in the best practices in IT technology delivery, DNT Plus can quickly assist in assuring your initiatives are successfully completed on time and on budget. Combining this with our Collaborative Approach to development, you will see how you can build the expertise you need internally for future growth.

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