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Google Search Services

DNT Plus is capable of delivering unique solutions and value to users who want support in customizing or deploying Google enterprise search. We offer a range of services including deployment,development, customization, and other custom services across a wide range of industries, vertical markets, and user types.

With the power of Google search, your organization can strengthen its ability to access and disseminate organizational knowledge, increasing employee productivity, boosting website conversion rates, and improving customer service. DNT Plus can help you bring the power of Google search to your organization’s website or internal data and streamline access to the information employees and customers need. Google search applications can be deployed rapidly and provide fast, relevant access to the information with the same ease of use as Google.com.

We offer:

Deployment Planning
QuickStart Programs
Installation and Configuration
Proof-of-Concepts and Evaluations
Crawl Configuration / Tuning
Technical Webinars
Search Experience Customization
On Site Training
Troubleshooting / Support
Optimization Checks


Content crawling and indexing configurations
Search user experience creation
Dynamic Navigation or Faceted Search Implementation
Integration with secure / access-controlled content
CMS and application integrations
Relevancy tuning and functions to improve user experience
Reporting and Management
Administration Guidance and Training
Utilization of Administrative APIs
Mirroring, load balancing and Distributed Crawling Configurations
Migration of configurations
Upgrading of Front Ends to latest software release

Google Search Appliance

Whether it’s workers within your organization or potential customers searching your website, the effectiveness of your search impacts your business. The relevancy, search speed, and the ability to unify disparate content from multiple systems are critical attributes that determine the success of your enterprise search platform and, most importantly, affect your bottom line.

DNT Plus can provide immediate value to your internet or intranet by integrating the Google Search Appliance. Our Enterprise Search solutions give you everything you need to get started with the Google Search Appliance, including index analysis, front-end development, and website integration.

Improved Relevance and Speed

The Google Search Appliance incorporates the machine learning algorithms that have been tuned with the billions of daily queries on google.com, delivering the most relevant search results faster than ever.

Universal Search

Extend your search results beyond files and databases, to include content from social media streams and cloud computing applications, delivered through browsers, mobile devices and tablets.

People Search

The expert search features of the Google Search Appliance utilize the wealth of information stored in employees’ profiles to help employees to tap into your organization’s knowledge by suggesting people with expertise related to their queries.

Google Magic

Give your users what they’ve come to expect, and drive better business performance, with new capabilities like document preview, secure translation, and updated language libraries.

Power of Suggestion

Make your dynamic navigation more powerful. With Entity Recognition, content is automatically classified and tagged without the need for human intervention so users can find relevant and useful information that they may have not been searching for.

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