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DNT Plus' experienced team of specialists are skilled at developing change management strategies to fit any business regardless of size, location, or budget. Having successfully helped a number of businesses make a smooth transition to Google Apps, our change management experts know what works; ensuring that each strategy will minimize lost productivity and maximize the adoption of the new technology by end users.

Organization/User Readiness Assessment

Through this intimate process, your DNT Plus Change Management partners will analyze your organization's processes, from workflows to user profiles to determine a clear Change Impact Summary and set Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Strategy Development

Your full team of DNT Plus representatives (Project Manager, Deployment Specialists, and Change Management Specialists) will work together with you to create a comprehensive strategy that meets deployment, change management, and timeline requirements.

Marketing Communications and Resources

Depending on your project manager's resources, DNT Plus can create, manage, as well as distribute marketing communications that keep your employees in the loop, convey key dates and instructions as well as tips and resources. We can also create a Customized Help Site to house all training materials, videos, and FAQs. With an integrated search feature, end users can quickly find what they need.

Google Apps for Business Training

DNT Plus's highly skilled instructors can provide focused training on any aspect of Google Apps for Business, and excel at tailoring our curriculum to meet the needs of your organization. We offer two options for training delivery:

On-Site Training - Delivered at your location. Consists of presentations, demonstrations, and exercises. This is a great opton for your go-live day!
Webinar Training - Delivered remotely. Can support up to 1000 attendees per session. A great option if your workforce is distributed!

On-Site Training Benefits

Customized training

Lower training costs

Consistent learning experience

Minimize downtime

On-Site Training Benefits for Staff & Student

Courses can be planned around individual schedules.
Allows your team to learn with real-world examples to ensure your project's success.

On-Site Training Benefits for the Corporation:

Maintain productivity with flexible course scheduling.
Significantly reduce training expenses by letting you train groups of employees.
Get all employees on the same wavelength.
Tailor the course material to fulfill corporate needs.

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