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Reduce your IT costs and help staff and volunteers collaborate more effectively.

Non-Profit organizations often depend on grants and charitable organizations for funding, which can be unreliable. This means that maintaining adequate hardware and software is often not feasible. Google Apps for Non-Profit allows your organization to function at it’s peak by providing state-of-the-art business applications with NO additional hardware and software costs.

With Google Apps for Non-Profits, your organization can run more efficiently, eliminating expenses and freeing up funding for your endeavors. Setup and technical support provide you with the guidance needed to get started.

Stop holding back – give your organization the tools it needs to be effective!

If your Non-profit suffers from the following symptoms, you should consider moving to a Google Apps for Business environment:

Receive too much Spam (junk mail)

Full Mailbox

Problems with Exchange Server

Need to upgrade Mail Server

Want to share documents

Want to share calendars

Want to easily setup mobile phone

Google Apps for Nonprofit offers your organization the freedom and cost-effectiveness of cloud computing, and the richness of real-time collaboration.

Get the job done with Google Apps for Nonprofit:

Work better with colleagues through real-time collaboration online
Store documents in the cloud; 25GB for email; 5GB of storage for Google Drive
Stay connected from anywhere; securely access data anywhere
Get things done faster by automating processes
24/7 support; no hardware, no updates
Free version of Google Apps for Nonprofits

With Google for Nonprofits, you’ll gain access to a suite of products that will help you achieve your goals in new ways. Google for Nonprofits includes premium products that have been discounted or made free for non-profit organizations. It also includes products that are free to the general public, but which can be used to great effect for nonprofits.

These include among others:

Google Grants
Reach and engage your supporters through online advertising with AdWords.

Google Earth Outreach
Visualize your cause and tell your story through Google’s mapping technologies.

YouTube for Nonprofits
Tell the story of your organization or cause through video on YouTube.

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