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Discover a better way of learning.Web-based email, calendar & documents for collaborative study anytime, anywhere.

Google Apps for Education includes the same enterprise-grade Google Apps for Business tools, adapted for schools’ specialized requirements. DNT Plus has Google Apps for Education training available, with completely custom Google Apps curriculum, made by our ownspecialist trainers! Google Apps for Education runs on collaboration, communication and customization to empower the next generation of learning.

Stay connected from anywhere

With Google Apps for Education, everything is automatically saved in the cloud - 100% powered by the web. This means that emails, documents, calendar and sites can be accessed - and edited - on almost any mobile device or tablet. Anytime, anywhere.

Bring students, teachers and teams together

Fast, easy collaboration is what makes Google Apps unique. Our website and document creation tools offer real-time editing, powerful sharing controls, and seamless compatibility – an ideal environment for learning in the 21st century.

Get stuff done faster

Google Apps for Education can help streamline academic tasks like essay writing and class scheduling. A group of students can work together on a piece of work in Google Docs, seeing changes in real time rather than waiting for versions to be sent via email. Students can see exactly when their professors are available and vice versa with Google Calendar. By removing these time-consuming bottlenecks, Apps frees you up to spend more time on learning and teaching.

Invisible IT that just works

Spend less time managing your IT infrastructure. Your students, teachers and administrators always have access to the latest software, including the newest features and security updates. You don’t need to buy or maintain servers and everything can be managed from a single interface. And yes, it really is free.

Go Green

Moving to Google Apps helps reduce both your organization’s overall expenses and its environmental impact. Apps is powered by Google's energy-efficient data centers, so it’s less energy and carbon-intensive than on-premise servers.

Happier students and staff

Gmail, Calendar, Docs and more. You and your school will love what Google Apps can do.

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