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Google Apps Deployment

Work should be a thing you do, not a place you go.

Google Apps help you and your team stay as productive out of the office as you are in it. With the flexibility to work together on documents, share calendars, stay connected and sync files on any device, from every location. Google Apps for Business means the office is wherever you need it to be.

Work should be a thing you do, not a place you go. Join the ever growing number of happy users who use Google Apps for Business to work flexibly, productively and efficiently from anywhere.

Google Apps Adoption & Change Management

Your move to Google Apps is as much about managing change as it is about replacing your old systems. In most casinstinctively resist change, no matter how good the concept. Google Apps introduces new ways of communicating and collaborating, that are more efficient and flexible, but to fully leverage these features your staff will need to be encouraged and managed through the adoption process.

The Curve of Change

The curve of change is a widely accepted model which explains how people react to change. Initially people ignore potential change, and then as realisation dawns they enter a period of doubt and uncertainty. It is at this critical juncture that the successful adoption of the new system is most vulnerable, and communication needs to be clear. We assist you to manage this change by providing communication templates, as well as providing resources to assist you in planning and scheduling key events that accelerate adoption and manage change.

Curve of Change to Google Apps

Google Apps Training

Training plays a critical role in ensuring that both end-users and administrators are familiar with the environment and dashboards. DNT Plus provides a series of training workshops and access to online training that will ensure that you and your institution make the most of the Google Apps environment.

We feel that a complete and easy to consume training program is essential to any successful migration to Google Apps. Google Apps Training from DNT Plus will get you up to speed quickly and our training for administrators ensures understanding of the intricacies of the Google Apps Dashboard so you can confidently manage your environment. We can also develop a custom e-learning solution that can be added right into the Google Apps menu so it’s available for a quick refresher or a complete learning session whenever you are.

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