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DNT Plus provides the services, tools and training to get your business up and running quickly and efficiently with Google Apps for Business.

While a lot of press is given to the many large businesses that are moving to the cloud, numerous small and medium businesses (“SMBs”) are also making the move. The cloud can be just as practical, functional, and reliable for SMBs as it is for their larger counterparts. Recent studies have shown that SMBs can be “unsure of cloud services or felt they were only for large organizations.” Google Apps can be right for any size organization, from five employees to hundreds of thousands.

Google Apps offers productivity software for your office including email accounts with your domain name, file storage, calendars, documents, spreadsheets, presentations, sites, and voice and video chat. Google Apps is hosted in the cloud and enables secure, real-time collaboration among workgroups of all sizes and is available from any browser or smartphone, whenever and wherever users work. What this means for small businesses is that your business can save time and money on information technology.

Google Apps for Business help you and your team stay as productive out of the office as you are in it. With the flexibility to work together on documents, share calendars, stay connected and sync files on any device, from every location. Google Apps for Business means the office is wherever you need it to be.

Work should be a thing you do, not a place you go. Join over 5 million companies worldwide who use Google Apps for Business to work flexibly, productively and efficiently from anywhere.

Gmail for business

Create custom email addresses ( for you and your team in minutes. And access your email anywhere, anytime, on any device you choose.

Access email wherever you work

Gmail works on any computer, tablet or mobile phone with an Internet connection. And offline mode let’s you keep working even when you’re not connected. Whether you're at your desk, at home, or on a plane, your email is there.

Connect with everyone

Your email isn't just about messages, it's about the people you work with too including employees, customers, partners and vendors. With integrated text, voice, and video chat, you can see who’s available and ready to connect instantly. Make your next phone conference a face-to-face meeting.

Work faster and stay organized

With less spam, and features that help you prioritize important messages, it’s easy to stay on top of your email. Get tons of storage so you never have to delete anything then find emails quickly with Google-powered search for your inbox. To stay organized, create labels to group related messages and use stars to identify the important ones.

Google Calendar

Stay organized and on task with calendars that sync across all your devices. And get event reminders right in your inbox or mobile phone.

Easily schedule meetings

Quickly find time to connect with coworkers, and make it easier for others to connect with you. Overlay multiple calendars to find a time when everyone is free and get automatic suggestions for open meeting slots with smart scheduling. Once your event is created, send invites and manage RSVPs.

Create shared calendars

Help everyone stay on task by creating calendars that can be shared with individuals, groups or anyone on the web. Use them to track projects, events or even team vacation schedules. For calendars that you want to share with everyone, publish to the web for public viewing.

Coordinate with clients or external contacts

Let people know your preferred meeting times by setting up appointments slots. Customers, or anyone else, can choose the best time for them by signing up for one of the open slots–it’s fast and easy for everyone.

Google Docs

Create documents, spreadsheets, presentations and forms. Or upload and store your existing work, no matter what type of file. Everything is online so sharing, editing or accessing your files from anywhere is easy.

Work better together

Edit a document with multiple people at the same time and work together seamlessly. Insert comments so you can start a discussion or chat directly in the document.
Share and store securely

Your docs are stored on the web, so sharing them with co-workers, customers, partners or vendors is as easy as sending a link. You can control who has access to view, comment on or edit your docs at any time.

Get started with business templates

Google Docs helps make everyday tasks easier from invoicing to project planning. You can get started quickly, with templates from the Google Docs Template Gallery.

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