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All round Enterprise Support

Investing in the cloud is often an important step for businesses to modernize, consolidate, and reorganize their IT infrastructure. It represents significant change for both management and employees. For everyone’s peace of mind, it’s important that these changes are backed by true Enterprise-level support.

DNT Plus provides a range of support options, up to 24x7 support, 365 days a year. Support is available via email, through a web-based portal, or by telephone – whatever works best for your business. While we provide support to IT Administrators, We also offer packages for direct End-User support, which means that our customers can “Go Google” without increasing their IT service desk calls.

Proven Track Record

The customer satisfaction rating for DNT Plus’ support team stands at 98%, greatly exceeding customer support industry standards. As part of our support offering, our Deployment Specialists sit down with your organization to understand any unique configurations you have so we can retain that knowledge and use it when solving tickets that may be impacted by these details. This results in faster responses and faster issue resolutions.

DNT Plus can also support a variety of Google products that are not in the core suite of Google Apps.

Many organizations are taking advantage of products like Google+, Chrome OS, or Google Apps Script. As organizations begin to build important workflows on top of these products, it is critical that customers receive the same Enterprise-level support for these products as well. DNT Plus Support packages include these products in your scope of coverage.

Whether your company is brand new to Google Apps or you’ve been up and running in the cloud for years, DNT Plus can provide top quality Admin or End-User Support you need.

Dedicated Technical Support

Do you run a large data center, or provide hosting or services? What if one day you'll find that your expenses on customers’ technical support are unreasonably high or its quality leaves much to be desired?

No matter who you are and how large is your business. What matters is that we can help you to boost revenue without hurting your business. We have ready-made solutions for Dedicated Technical Support as we have long been providing these services to a number of large companies, whose names are confidential.

SLA - quality guaranteed!

In order to make our customers feel confident that their requests for technical support will be resolved in timely and completely manner, we have implemented a Service Level Agreement (SLA) which covers all standard support packs. There is no any standard package for Dedicated Technical Support implementation (it requires a very tailored approach), so we can develop a special SLA covered plan for you.

What problems can we solve for you? Just take a look...

Upgrading the software on your server.

Installation or configuration of additional software.

Fixing problems with hosting control panel.

Testing server hardware, running stress tests.

Checking how well your server is secured and increasing the security level if necessary.

There are many other things that we can do for you!

Please feel free to contact us (Helpdesk / Phone / Support LiveChat). Just let us know about your problem with the Server Management, and we'll work out how we can help.

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