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X1 Discovery

Transforming Enterprise Search with an Intuitive and Very Easy to Manage Solution

X1 Rapid Discovery™ is a proven eDiscovery and enterprise search solution that uniquely deploys within virtual environments to enable corporations, law firms and consultants to quickly identify, search, and collect distributed data wherever it resides in the cloud or within the enterprise.

X1 Discovery

X1′s intuitive, unified web browser provides a single “pane of glass” to view all valuable enterprise information, supporting over 500 applications and file types. X1′s robust enterprise solution is extremely easy to install and applications and file types. X1′s robust enterprise solution is extremely easy to install and administer, on either physical hardware or virtualized environments, seamlessly indexing and searching terabytes of data, and allowing for widespread adoption across all businesses, large or small.

Enterprise Search & eDiscovery

X1 Rapid Discovery’s easy to use web interface, federated search capability, and high speed search of up to terabytes of data, transforms how IT professionals and legal search and conduct eDiscovery in the enterprise or the cloud. While other enterprise search products mandate burdensome data migration and centralization, X1 Rapid Discovery is a hardware-independent software solution, uniquely installing and operating on-demand wherever your data resides. Whether the application is enterprise search or eDiscovery, X1 Rapid Discovery revolutionizes your ability to work with data stored anywhere.

Key Advantages

  • User friendly, user-centric interface
  • Operates very effectively in virtualized environments
  • Fast and proven X1 search
  • Rapid and portable installation
  • Cloud and enterprise deployable
  • Minimal hardware requirements
  • Proven and robust eDiscovery capabilities
  • Federated search into SharePoint, Files, Exchange data, webmail and more

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