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Enterprise IP Networking

IP Networks are for businesses and organisations of all shapes and sizes whose internet-based network is no longer delivering the performance, reliability and access they need. This is often due to the large number of applications that businesses run nowadays.

Our IP solutions will unite your business through a private, scalable high-grade network, offering dependable performance and security. You’ll be able to integrate your data, telephone communications, remote access, conferencing and more into a single solution from a single provider, while reducing costs.


International IP private network service using MPLS technology to ensure high security, speed and quality. Supports customer construction of global IP networks allowing various types of access and wide coverage.

Leased Line 

Cost-competitive, high quality global leased line service that provides outstanding operations and support services.

Ethernet VPN

Global e-VLAN service extends the simplicity of an Ethernet LAN environment across the world.The service provides protocol-free, meshed, secure and high bandwidth Ethernet connectivity. Existing LANs can be extended to a global scale.

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