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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customers constitute the core of your business and now you can serve them most satisfactorily with the help of Customer Relationship Management or CRM. It will let you learn more about your customers and of their behaviors so that you can turn them into loyal advocates of your brand. We at DNT Plus strive to help you achieve your desired goal through bespoke CRM solutions. Our CRM solutions focus at:

Helping you lower your customer management cost by streamlining your data management process.

Improving profit through better customer management and by acquiring new business.

Integrating the entire sales process from lead generation to closing the deal.

Offering effective pipeline management service.

Helping in anticipating changing customer behavior.

Building brand value for your business.

Ensuring integration between different business units by facilitating two-way data sharing.

DNT Plus offers a uniquely integrated approach to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) that enhances every customer interaction you have throughout the organization and improve sales management, customer service and marketing campaigns. Together, we can tailor a solution to meet your unique CRM requirements, yet build it with enough flexibility to take advantage of new opportunities. We focus on leveraging the platform to support any relationship scenario you want to develop with us.

What we can do for you?

DNT Plus possesses the necessary market exposure and expertise to offer tailored CRM solutions to small, medium or large size businesses. We offer:

Strategic CRM solutions in alignment to your specific business needs.

Scalability to accommodate your growing business needs.

Expert strategic integration of CRM to match industry requirements.

Integration with other off the shelf software.

Infrastructural expertise through hardware, software and support services

We will let you enjoy a worry free business environment with successful implementation of CRM project while you can concentrate on improving your sales and profit. We have a strong team of developers with expertise in deploying open source and non-open source CRM solutions successfully to different industry verticals.

You have the choice to deploy at once or gradually, on premise or on demand. And because our CRM solutions are created with a particular industry in mind—with the appropriate components and reusable code—you’ll be able to deploy custom CRM solutions at a fraction of the price.

Get in touch to find out more about our Comprehensive CRM Solutions.