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Careers at DNT Plus

Working at DNT Plus means taking responsibility, mastering challenges and continuously growing as part of a diverse and global team. Contribute to our success through various exciting career opportunities and be part of the fastest growing IT companies.

When you join DNT Plus, you’ll find that the world is your workplace, and you’ll meet an astonishingly diverse group of talented colleagues who are part of the company team.

We’re famous for our team spirit and the way we play to win together. And we insist on looking at our people as individuals, with unique professional and work-life balance needs. Only that way can we really help you unleash your full potential as part of the DNT Plus team.

You'll also notice that our values are an integral part of the way we do business -and have been so throughout our history. To us living our values means competing in the market place in an ethical way so our name is synonymous with being a credible and valuable business partner. Through constant care and humbleness we strive to prepare for the future, while never forgetting that our clients and other safari enthusiasts are key to our ability to improve.

Training opportunities at DNT Plus

Training is a way of life at DNT Plus. The love of learning, improvement, skill growth and sharing knowledge is a core value of DNT Plus.

For a student, it is never too early to start planning a successful future. We offer you the opportunity to gain initial experience in the real world of a fast paced technology and thus take the first steps towards your professional future.

We normally have a wide range of career opportunities all over the world for students, management and professionals and graduates.

Drop us an email at careers (at) for more information and our experts will be in touch with you.

In our daily work, uprightness and our staff mean that transparency and accountability in everything we do go hand in hand with being an inspiring, challenging place to work.

If you share our passion for high quality work together with the values we uphold and would like to become part of the DNT Plus family, please see drop us an email at careers (at)

The DNT Plus Working Environment

We take our work seriously at DNT Plus, but we certainly enjoy ourselves while we’re giving it our all.

We’ll give you challenging tasks, a lot of individual responsibility and career opportunities you’re not likely to find anywhere else. But we also want you to maintain a healthy work-life balance, and we’ll give you the flexibility you need to perform at your very best.

And we take pride in the diversity of our workforce and our belief in hiring the best person for the job – irrespective of age, gender, nationality, religious belief or sexual orientation.

DNT Plus is known for our performance-oriented culture, and as an employee you’ll be expected to keep raising the bar – for yourself and for your company. You’ll be evaluated on the results you deliver, and you’ll be rewarded – individually – for your contribution to our common success.

If you are looking for an employment opportunity where collaboration, excellence, passion and commitment are the priority, DNT Plus is the place for you.

Also make sure you check out our Corporate Values to know what we do stand for.

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