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Today the data, voice, and video worlds are colliding. It's even more critical to have a Ad Agency or Communications team well versed in legacy technologies and trends as well as new and emerging ones. For example: fixed-mobile convergence, unified communications, managed network services, VoIP, 3G and 4G, and "triple play."

Savvy — it’s what separates a good idea from a game-changing one. Every day, smarter solutions are transforming the way our world ticks. From global information security to electronic healthcare records, technology companies striving to stay on the cutting-edge know how cut-throat it can be. And as the advertising and communcations industry landscape evolves, so does the role of an advertising agency. At DNT Plus, we know brand is everything in this business. Because now more than ever, building trust in your company is what keeps customers coming back.

Very sophisticated software optimisation and planning systems are now integral to the industry, enabling agencies to offer a unique positioning in the marketplace to attract new business.At the same time agencies are looking to create an individual or unique perspective or process, again to offer a strategic point of difference.

We design, develop, program and deploy custom ad agency solutions that simply do what they are supposed to do.

Designed for Agencies

Invoices, receipts, work hours, deadlines: Unnumerous documents and data will cumulate for dozens of current projects. To combine all this by hand or with Excel sheets is Sisyphean labor. DNT Plus' custom solutions will prepare all information so that you can see on what is going on.

Visual time tracking

An electronical time tracking system will only be accepted if it's easy to use. DNT Plus custom Ad Agency solutions have the elegant solution: Visual time tracking. The recorded data will be needed for the project analysis – check the rentability of a project at any time.

Increase revenues

An author’s alteration here, an additional color print there – especially these small costs are often not billed because they simply disappear during the work process. Summed up there are hundreds or thousands of Dollars lost monthly. We develop custom solutions and apps that take care of all this and make sure that these little amounts are not only billed but also provable to the customer.

Exactly your design

Agencies and designers put emphasis on there own corporate design. With the design of any of our apps or solutions, you can customize all print forms to fit seamless into your design. You can use any fonts and integrate logos.

No overloaded solution

DNT Plus concentrates on what is nessecary in agencies. An ad agency software, custom solutions, web apps or any intergrated solution or addon needs to be easy to use and fun to work with.

Contact Us for more information on how we can help and to discuss any Ad Agency or even Communications / PR Technology solution you would like to implement.